Haiku – Pink Rain

Cherry blossoms fall. Ten miles of pink showers. Childish delight. Victoria.M.

Haiku – Consciousness

Stars crossing, dark night. Missing home so far away. How i long to wake. Victoria.M.

Why I say NO to Christianity pt.1

This post is of my opinions from in depth reading of mythologies and the bible in general. Agree or dissagree but please no hate. monotheism, Lets start here. "Monotheism is the belief that there is only one god" Other then the Bible, which i might add is man made ( and humans have a habit... Continue Reading →

My Birthing Experience.

As a mother we experience many, many emotional rollercoaster days. During pregnancy when your hormones rule all judgement and descision. Theres weighloss or gain, theres arguments, there seems like there is a regular pattern when tear ducks betray you. Theres fear of the unknown but there is so much joy. The feeling of your childs... Continue Reading →


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