Kylie Chan series

Kylie chan novels are an epic series of chinese mythology including; their gods/shen, immortals, demons, hybrids, and all the likes. The mythology is so spot on, i have read this series at least 10 times each since it was released and within that time i did my own study of chinas mythology and cross referenced... Continue Reading →


Naruto and Naruto shippuden. 

Naruto and his friends have been around for approximately 15 years. A child who lost both of his parents to a "demon fox" rampage in the leaf village, lead by an uchiha. Naruto grows up by himself no one liked him because everyone knew (but naruto) he had the 9 tailed fox sealed inside of... Continue Reading →

Tokyo ghoul: review 

Tokyo ghoul is a story of a school age kid named kaneki ken who has had an accident which lead to an organ transplant from a ghoul, which makes him half ghoul. He makes new friends and allies and alot of different enemies ( including one strange frienemy who keeps trying to eat him). Its... Continue Reading →


Growing up i got to experience alot of different types of religion. I have been Catholic, Christian, Mormon, jehovas witness, i even tried paganism. Every religion (in my opinion) has its flaws. I was but a wee babe when i was introduced to the Catholic church, i participated in sunday school and mass. We passed... Continue Reading →

Death Note netflix 

Personal Review. So my husband and i just finished watching death note on netflix. I absolutely loved it. Ryuk looked amazing, the creepiness and the CGI on him was so well done, for me it topped the animated version. The actors did such a good job in their rolls and the portraying of emotion it... Continue Reading →

My Birthing Experience.

As a mother we experience many, many emotional rollercoaster days. During pregnancy when your hormones rule all judgement and descision. Theres weighloss or gain, theres arguments, there seems like there is a regular pattern when tear ducks betray you. Theres fear of the unknown but there is so much joy. The feeling of your childs... Continue Reading →

Writing a book is a long, stressfull and messy task. Its a challenge, its brain boggling and so often you experience writers block.   I love it.  Writing books is such an amazing feeling. Yes at first there is the doubt 'it will never get published, why bother?' But you just have to push past it.... Continue Reading →

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