Creating A New Reality

Writing a book is a long, stressfull and messy task. Its a challenge, its brain boggling and so often you experience writers block. 

 I love it. 

Writing books is such an amazing feeling. Yes at first there is the doubt ‘it will never get published, why bother?’ But you just have to push past it. I myself have a over active imagination, my story just lives it self out in my head all i do really is put it into an outline and refine it after. 

I will tell you this, when writing,you really do learn what kind of person you are and what kind of things go on in your brain. My brain apparently is filled with romance, fantasy, demonology, mythology and erotica. YUP you read that just fine, my brain loves its sex scenes. So if you want to write a book just do it (brand pun and sex pun intended).


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