Growing up i got to experience alot of different types of religion. I have been Catholic, Christian, Mormon, jehovas witness, i even tried paganism. Every religion (in my opinion) has its flaws.

I was but a wee babe when i was introduced to the Catholic church, i participated in sunday school and mass. We passed along tidings and even at a young age it didnt feel right, it was the same for the christian church.

Mormon church was very different, not only did we have mass, but we also had young womans, group class, morning seminary, missionary nights and we also had to do home work, I felt so out of place there. Now it may have only been my area but the amount of judgement and of scorn you get was completely ridiculous. So again i didnt fit in and tried somthing else. J.w was similar

Paganism, well hot damn this part of my life was so intense. paganism is a multi god and goddess religion it aims to enhance and embrace the universe and nature in all its glory, which is why i was so drawn to it. I loved it. The crystals the herbs the remidies i made and the love for different cultures and gods/ess it was an amazing time. But somthing didnt feel right. i also have tried budism but faild miserably. 

But you know what every single religion has in common?







A few days ago i was wondering, in what religion did that leave me? I told myself “all of them” 

I will help those in need.

I will study all that i can to broaden my knowlage.

I will love, be kind, be thoughtful , be good in as many ways i can.

i will strive to enhance and embrace nature and all life.

Respect karma.

 To find my way and to be exactly who i am. 


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