Kylie Chan series

Kylie chan novels are an epic series of chinese mythology including; their gods/shen, immortals, demons, hybrids, and all the likes. The mythology is so spot on, i have read this series at least 10 times each since it was released and within that time i did my own study of chinas mythology and cross referenced between my sourses and the knowlage i have gained from kylies series.

Im not going to do a description section in this blog because i do not want to give ANYTHING away. It really is worth the read. Keep in mind there is some scenes through out the series when it would be better for readera over the age of 16. 

action, fantasy and romance it has you not wanting to put it down!


series 1;

White Tiger, Red Phoenix, Blue Dragon

Series 2;

Earth to Hell, Hell to Heaven, Heaven to Wudang

Series 3; 

Dark Serpent, Demon Child, Black Jade.


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