Poll for Kindle or paperback?

Hi guys so i have been a book lover all my life and i wanted to see what you all preferred.

All my life i have only loved paper back books and i have a library at my own home of book i can not let go of. The feeling of the paper in your hands, the smell the look of the books in your home.

But in the last few months i brought my self a kindle, i was hessitant because of the price but as the weeks went on i found myself saving more money and reading alot more. So right now im in love with my kindle for the fact i was spening $50 plus every week on paperback books where as now i spend maybe $20 for 2+ books and not to mention all the free ones on there 😍😍😍.

My choice:kindle.

Let me know your preference.


8 thoughts on “Poll for Kindle or paperback?

Add yours

  1. I used to love paperback like you. I still have some books at home. However, I had got Kindle app on my mobile and bought some books. Then got one year Kindle subscription. So more books to read for free. Also it is so convenient to carry so many books in my Kindle app library. Yes, I am loving it.

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